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Strings of Things and Advice for Free 

  • Don’t take Worldly advice from someone who has never traveled the world.  
  • Always carry twenty 1 dollar bills when traveling in the city. Put them in different pockets. When you give them to people that ask for money, stop and take a minute. Ask them their name, their story, and if there is anything they need. Before you leave ask if you can pray with them. It will help both of you.
  • Smile at foreigners.
  • When you find yourself accidentally walking into the middle of a Catholic Church service. Don’t panic just take a seat and participate. Soak it all in. Appreciate it. It was probably meant to be.


  • When you find yourself in front a piece of art and you can’t figure it out. Just feel it. (Not with your hands)
  • Beware of false prophets who come to you in Sheeps clothing but inside are ravenous wolves . okay that’s not my advice, that is a piece of Matthews advice. But it’s good street smarts to watch out for those folks. They are everywhere. 
  • Walk the life that God has made for you. Not the life that someone else wants you to walk. Trust me, everyone has an opinion on what is best for your life. Turn the volume down on those folks, they don’t matter. and turn up the volume on what God is telling you. Even if you don’t want to hear it. You’ll be in hell until you surrender. 
  • Everyone can talk a big talk. Look for the ones that are walking the walk and getting their hands dirty. That’s where you will see change happening. 
  • Never be ruled by fear. If you find fear inside of you reach in with your bare hands and pull it out by its life force. Destroy and extinguish whatever is feeding it. Do not be scared. 
  • Love when you can. Move on when you can’t. Like what you like and dismiss what you don’t. Dance everyday even when you feel like crying. Laugh at the small things because the small things are the tiny strings that keeps life sewn together. 



How to not suck at life.         Part 1 

-Admit that you have no idea what is going on. You don’t. I don’t. Nobody does. So I just say everybody needs to stop pretending and start answering every question with “I have absolutely no earthly idea. Let’s get tacos and not worry about it” 

-Own up to your shit. 

Oh come on guys, it’s time to stop making excuses for ourselves. Sometimes we suck. And we do horribly human things. Don’t even try to justify it. Just say “oh yeah that. Yeah I was being an asshole. I got over it” or maybe youre not over it so here’s option 2: “yeah I’m still pissed off about that and not fully sorry for what I said/did” just own it. It’s not like the world is going to end but I promise you will have no problems falling asleep at night. Conscience clear. 

-Stop being nice

When people treat you horribly- don’t you dare sit there and take it like a helpless sap. So what if you lose that relationship! Take up for yourself! You are worth more than that. Trust me you. 

-Call your friends 

every once in a while. You know just pick up the phone and dial it. A real voice phone call. Be a real person to the people in your life. 

-Go on an adventure. 

This world is huge and full of beautiful places that will change your life forever. Go across the country, go hug a redwood tree, go skinny dipping in John Day river, go get lost in the desert, get wet in Niagra Falls, Go to mile marker zero, then find your route to go the extra 90 miles. You’ll never regret it.

-Talk to strangers

Life is full of beautiful life altering magical moments and they are all waiting for you. Sit down on the side walk in Vegas and ask that homeless man about his life. Give him a hug and some money. Who cares what he buys with it. Ask the angry Indian woman yelling in the 711 if there is something you can do to help her. Stop your morning jog and have a seat on the bench next to the old man and ask him about his life. Spend your whole day on that bench. It won’t be a waste. Go volunteer at a human shelter instead of an animal shelter. There’s a lot to learn from strangers. Stop being scared of people who not like you.

-Eat strange food with foreign people.

This is my favorite thing to do. Goat is not as bad as you think when it’s covered in curry.

-Never stop growing and learning

One time I asked an 87 year old woman what the secret is to discovering who you really are. She said “I’ll let you know when I grow up” 


For  the misfits 

I’m a little rough around the edges.Not broken, just bent. 

Tatted up and messy on the outside because I don’t want the message of sexy being sent.

I’m not broken. I was made perfect through Him. So I don’t need you walking around point out my sin. Trust me, I repent for them daily. 

Again and again. 

But go ahead and talk about how lost I am because of the company I keep, the church I attend, or because you saw me with a beer in my hand.

Go ahead and judge me and my low-life misfit friends.

We’ve lived lives you perfect people would never understand.

We’ve been pieced back together by a fire blazing divine design. We were sent here to rescue the rest of our own kind. Because all you perfect people seem so damn blind. You can’t see past yourself to see someone holding a neon flashin HELP sign. 

That’s alright. We got this.   We know you don’t want to touch people because Their sins might be contagious. You might be talked about like maybe you made some serious life changes!  Maybe you’ll lose that ticket to heaven.  Or worse, your image might be damaged.  

That’s alright me and my misfit friends, we got this.  We are use to being looked at like your world is no place for us. 

So yeah, I’m a little rough around the edges. 

But I ain’t broken. I’m just a little bent. 


No Title 

If you’re trying to out-jesus me
guess what? You win. I ain’t trying to be holy – I ain’t trying to fit in. I give 2 shits for an opinion because I was redeemed by Him. I once lived a life so dark that i REDEFINED sin. I use to laugh in gods face and joke of his kid. making light of a death that let my life begin…..It breaks my heart now to see how I lived. 

The things that I said. The things that I did.

I see it all still everywhere I go. People laughing at a death that isn’t a joke. 

I see myself in people that I don’t even know, who I was then, who I was there, who I am now, every dark place I see myself somehow.  

In a bar, in a club, in a crack house. 

 “What would I say to me?” I think. I go back and there’s nothing. No words really. Sometimes the pain is so deep that you have no feelings. 

I’m not a crusader or an evangelist. I have no grounds to stand on because I’m still a mess. But this is what happened and I give my life that it’s true. God is real, he is waiting, And he loves you. 

I was unwanted by this world, thrown away like trash, looked at like garbage, and talked about like mad! But I promise you this and i promise it’s true all you have to do is ask and you’ll be rescued…. and If it happened to me it can happen to you. God is love and he wants you. You are worthy and he loves and wants you. 

But Don’t look down. 

I walked into a trap of anger and hate.                                            It was God and the Devil all in one place.  

     It was a burden so heavy my insides wanted to cave. My lungs stopped working and There was a hurricane in my brain.           

So much confusion and I was going insane. What the hell was I doing wasting my life this way.                               

A gun to my head and scars on my wrist. The devil kept pushing me not to exist! Bringing up all the unworthy inside. He’s the only one who kept that list.  Not me. Not He.                                                                    

All of a sudden there’s a thunder in my chest.    A cannon so loud it put a stop to the madness.


It didn’t stop                                                                             kept pouring in                                                                        Words I had forgotten while drowning in sin




I dropped to my knees and for the first time in months my lungs filled with life and I knew who I was

“Where have you been God?!? That battle was too much?” 

                                                                                                       I never left your side                                                                                                 I gave you eyes to see thru lies and that is your gift! It was your choice to be stubborn in how you used it. Now GO and use your gift and go stop the next person from jumping off a cliff

   Life is hard sometimes. But you are not alone. Now I’m a Christian but I’m not a very good one. I struggle, I fall, and I’m an asshole most of the time, but listen to me- God is real and he saves lives. You are never to far gone and his love is blind. You are worthy and you are loved.

Peace out and God Bless 

whiskey and jesus



I was born with a wild and rebellious spirit.  This is the way God made me and he doesn’t make mistakes.  I like my whiskey straight up and my Rock N Roll too loud. Everything I do; I do to excess. I cuss like a sailor, drive too fast, drink too much and feel too much. sometimes I smoke and sometimes I don’t. I greet this world with wide open arms and I want to experience it all. There is nothing that I wanted to do that I haven’t done. I am loving and trusting.   I am not very forgiving and I don’t have to be. I will hold a grudge until others right their wrong and if you ask me to lie I will grab a megaphone.  If you use my weakness against me I will turn it into my strength and if you love me with honesty I will hold you up while I sink. I am damaged and unfixable. lets not be confused about who I am. I am a sinner who found peace and redemption in the Lord. I will never be perfect. I will never be Holy. I will never be shoved into a perfect little box. I am wild and rebellious in nature. This is the way God made me and he doesn’t make mistakes.


Insomnia Things

My mind is an active mind and at times it can be my worst enemy, usually that time is when I am trying to go to sleep. Trying to sleep must trigger the release of a brain chemical that moves every irrational fear that I have ever had into the forefront of my mind where it plays out like a prophesized vision in one of those god forsaken holy horror films.

The other night I was lying in bed with my 5 year old and right before I dozed off, I thought:

      I hope I don’t spontaneously combust in my sleep.

From that moment on I was wide awake. I spent the next few hours analyzing every single detail of what could happen if I did just burst into flames with my daughter lying asleep next to me. I thought about whether it would be just a POOF or would It be more of a slow burning process? Would the bed catch on fire and then the whole house? Would she wake up or sleep through it?  Who would take my kid to dolphin camp if I wasn’t there?

 Please, God. You may not love me, but if you love my kid please don’t let me burst into     flames while laying in this bed next to her.

Wait?……..?  Did I just pray that I wouldn’t spontaneously combust? Hahahahaha oh man, I must be delirious. I really gotta go to sleep. I have a better chance of an asteroid hitting my house than that hahahaha 

This is where I stop to flip my pillow over and it hits me.

wait? didn’t a meteor just hit Russia?  No no no NO. I’m not starting this. I’m gonna give myself a heart attack. That’s actually a real possibility. That could REALLY happen.  I can feel my chest pounding right now .Great That’s all I need; to die of a heart attack and nobody would find me for days. I’d just lay here. like zombie food.   

Zombies. they sure are a pop culture hit. that could really happen though. The way rabies is running rampant out west, it won’t take long before a strand of the virus mutates and becomes drug resistant and then humans would be rabid and have to be shot like that bath salt guy in Florida. Am I thinking about zombies being real right now? I have lost my mind.

What is wrong with my brain?!?!  Why can’t I just go to sleep like a normal person?!?!

maybe I should close my eyes. that would be a good start. Think of a happy, peaceful place. Think of summer and a slight breeze. sooth calming voice of an honest soul. smell the summer air. think of your favorite place. your favorite place. favorite place…..favorite………place………………


Things about my Kid, God, and Sandwiches

Funny thing about my kid is sometimes she makes me question the entire universe, sometimes she drives me to point of losing my mind, other times I just lover her so much I want to explode.

  1. She uses the word Metamorphosize to describe old friendships.

I had to explain to her that sometimes people change and that when they change they sometimes don’t want to be friends with people anymore. This was not a parenting win for me, but it was a conversation that I had been putting off for months and it was just time to come clean with the kid.  She took it surprisingly well and with a shrug said “so they pretty much metamorphasize.” This was not a question this was a matter of fact statement and there I stood with my head cocked and stunned into silence. She must have thought I was confused because she followed up with  “You know? Go through metamorphosis. Like change into something else”   I quickly ran over the possibilities of her being an alien hybrid and since she seemed to end the conversation with her never ending stream of awareness I said “Yep. Just like that, Honey.”

2. She has an obsession with being clean.

I’m just waiting for the day that I pick up the phone and hear “Mom, you have to come get me from school because I have to poop and then after that I’m going to need to take a shower”.  This kid will squeeze the eyeballs out of minnows, spend all day baiting her own fishing hook, be covered head to toe in dirt, but the minute she comes through that door she is in the shower. I know this may sound like a blessing, but I have 3 kinds of soap in every bathroom and if you only knew the amount of time I spent making sure that she’s free of “poop germs” you would understand how tired I am of saying “yes. I am 100% positive that that soap kills 99.9% of all germs”

3.She’s a bit much for me

Yesterday she asked me to make her a PB&J.  She eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every single day of her life. Sometimes she eats 3 a day. But on this particular day she was not having any part of anything that had to do with dead animals so she would only eat a PB&J. Fine, I roll with that, in fact, I will even support her decision by going out of my way to buy animal friendly shampoo, whatever. So I slapped together a sandwich and set it on the table for her and this is what happened next:

“Uh, Mawm, you forgot to cut the crust off”

I  just kept walking.

“Mom,  God wants us to do our best and this is not it”

I dead stop in the middle of my stride and slowly rotate to face this uppity beast of a child.  She must have sensed the laser beams shooting from my eyeballs because before I made my complete rotation she had her palm up in front of her.

“I’mmmmm gunna eat it, don’t yell I’mmm gunna eat it. I’m just saying that this is not your best. but thank you for making me a sandwich”

I know at this point that if I open my mouth that I am going straight to hell. My inner dialogue was so vile I won’t even repeat it. So I used every bit of will power I had to just turn around and keep walking.

4. she knows  God

My child was born in love with God. This is in no way my doing and I can’t take credit for it because I am fairly certain that I never even brought the topic up.This is a part of her that is all her own. A part of her that I love and hope that she keeps forever. When she was four I read her a quote about science being real whether we believed in it or not, with a happy upbeat smile on her face she said “Oh yeah, like God is”.  I looked up at her and once again ran through the possibilities of her being an alien hybrid. I mean, this can’t be my child. Where did she come from? She is completely unaware of the fact that there is a whole “religion vs science” hoopla going on in the world (or so I think. She may be the one who started the whole thing).  She was just finding a way to understand the quote by finding something that was equally as true to her .   She loves all things science and physics and in her world religion and science coexist peacefully.


Early Morning Confessions

#1  Between 5 and 7 A.M. is my favorite part of any day. They are my magic hours. My time to myself to drink coffee in silence or search Youtube for funny kitty videos or just do NOTHING. You know, just whatever I want to do to start my day. I have been known to tell a fib in those early morning hours too. Today, in example, my daughter woke up at 5:40 and I told her it was still yesterday so she would go back to sleep and I could have my magic morning hours alone. I feel no shame for this

#2 I have an entire box of Zagnut candy bars hidden in my house. on the occasion that I do get to soak in my big giant bathtub I don’t light candles or pour on the bubbles, I soak in my jacuzzi tub and eat a Zagnut.

#3 one time I shared a pimento cheese sandwich with my dog.  Don’t you Dare judge me she has the most precious sad face this world has ever seen and she just took a gentle, dainty little bite.

#4 I really don’t want to cuss as much as I do, but I can’t help it!! I’m an expressive person and it just comes out!  sometimes I drop the F bomb and I don’t even know I’ve said it. I’ll just shake my head at myself on that one.

#5 I don’t wear make-up because I’ve given up on ever being one of those pretty girls that look like they just stepped down from the window display at Express. With nicely styled hair, shiny shoes that match the purse, and one shouldered shirt with skinny jeans. I do good to match my belt and shoes and I’m not sure I even know how to use hairspray.  I just wasn’t meant to be a pretty girl.

#6 I totally don’t give a shit about #5. I’m doing some pretty dope stuff in my life and being pretty is not a requirement. Eat that, Cosmo!!!

#7  despite what most people think of me, I have always thought that Jesus was a pretty cool dude. I picture him on the corner of Haight-Ashbury trying to teach people peace, love and tolerance. I can picture Jesus wearing a Doobie Brothers shirt, throwing up a peace sign and saying one love.


Things That Make the World Beautiful Pt 1

. Kindness from a stranger

.Kids singing and flower picking

. Laughter, Smiles, and Giggles

. Full moons on snowy nights


.Old people telling stories about their younger years

.Old people laughing

.Old people.

.New love, Old love, Just Love

.Kisses and sugars and hugs

.People being nice to each other

.Making peace with the past, Looking forward to the future, and Enjoying the present

. Babies, Kitties, Puppies, deer, koala bears,

.The Courage to what is right

.Watching fear disappear

. Acts of Peace and Tolerance

. God, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Ganesha, Shiva, Muhammad, Allah, and Krishna

.Grannies (they’re awesome)

.Forests and trees and dirty knees

.Lending a helping hand (it really does make the world more beautiful)

.Being Happy (It’s contagious. you should try it)




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