Things I am not fond of

by unstoppablesomebody

repetitive noises- ticking clock, scratching, tapping, etc,    stereo-types ,  wasps near my head,    negative attitudes,     jealousy,       litter bugs,     passive aggressiveness-Ugh,    pork chops,   media,  sugary foods,  cigarette smoke,    Laundry,  manipulation,   french vanilla anything,    staying in one place for too long,   smell of mildew,   drugs,   chipotle flavor,   Liars,   mean girls,    grease,     gossip,   people with better/smarter than you attitudes- I have found that they are not very wise,       lipstick,    religion- those reasons will be in a future blog,   people who study serial killers- they make me very nervous,   interruption,   my hair,     strangers babies- if we aren’t friends or family  then, no, I don’t want to hold it,     canned meat and canned fruit- gross,     and the very thing that I am most unfond of  is: (drum roll please)   internet grammar correctors- Gah, you guys are the worst!!!  is that really necessary?   Showing off that you are grammatically superior also shows off that you have major ego issues,  so just let it go, people.  just let it go.

(I used the word “unfond” specifically for those grammar people).