Early Morning Confessions

by unstoppablesomebody

#1  Between 5 and 7 A.M. is my favorite part of any day. They are my magic hours. My time to myself to drink coffee in silence or search Youtube for funny kitty videos or just do NOTHING. You know, just whatever I want to do to start my day. I have been known to tell a fib in those early morning hours too. Today, in example, my daughter woke up at 5:40 and I told her it was still yesterday so she would go back to sleep and I could have my magic morning hours alone. I feel no shame for this

#2 I have an entire box of Zagnut candy bars hidden in my house. on the occasion that I do get to soak in my big giant bathtub I don’t light candles or pour on the bubbles, I soak in my jacuzzi tub and eat a Zagnut.

#3 one time I shared a pimento cheese sandwich with my dog.  Don’t you Dare judge me she has the most precious sad face this world has ever seen and she just took a gentle, dainty little bite.

#4 I really don’t want to cuss as much as I do, but I can’t help it!! I’m an expressive person and it just comes out!  sometimes I drop the F bomb and I don’t even know I’ve said it. I’ll just shake my head at myself on that one.

#5 I don’t wear make-up because I’ve given up on ever being one of those pretty girls that look like they just stepped down from the window display at Express. With nicely styled hair, shiny shoes that match the purse, and one shouldered shirt with skinny jeans. I do good to match my belt and shoes and I’m not sure I even know how to use hairspray.  I just wasn’t meant to be a pretty girl.

#6 I totally don’t give a shit about #5. I’m doing some pretty dope stuff in my life and being pretty is not a requirement. Eat that, Cosmo!!!

#7  despite what most people think of me, I have always thought that Jesus was a pretty cool dude. I picture him on the corner of Haight-Ashbury trying to teach people peace, love and tolerance. I can picture Jesus wearing a Doobie Brothers shirt, throwing up a peace sign and saying one love.