Faith and Prayer in a Mad Mad World

by unstoppablesomebody

 I’m not feeling as light hearted as usual so if you’re searching for humor tonight this not the night. I’ve spent a great deal of this day thinking. I hear applause from some of you, but hold on, because this isn’t going where you thinkers might think it is. I’ve spent the day thinking about what in the world happened to cause the world to grow so angry and out of control. Somewhere through time a snowflake of hatred landed on this earth and the wind blew it into a gigantic snowball that eventually exploded over the human race and infected each and every person it touched with its anger, hatred, and mental madness.  I’m not sure as to when it began, but I do get the general idea of how it all ends.

In a few months I will legally forced to take my child and drop her off at a government approved learning facility, or kindergarten as you might want to call it. There she will spend 8 hours of the day with hundreds of adults that I don’t even know; far different from the small private preschool I am accustomed to. In preparing for this new part of our life I stopped by the school and picked up some general info. As I read through this packet I came to the section entitled SAFETY and it listed all of the ICE information a parent would need to know. At the end of this section it said: “we provide a safe and secure environment while we teach and encouraging your child to learn and grow.”

“We provide a safe and secure environment…………”

That is the sentence that stopped me.  I know why they print that statement. I Get it. I really do, but it doesn’t stop this brain from going off like it does. I know that they are trying to comfort parents and reassure parents like me that they have everything “under control”, but the fact that it has to even be said is what sends my brain into an analytical whirlwind.

”Safe and secure environment.” ……… It just echoes in my head.

Then something else popped into my head: kids are shooting each other, adults are shooting kids and each other and there is no such thing as a “Safe and Secure environment” anymore. How in the world can any parent, in this day and time, not believe in God? As a parent why wouldn’t you want to believe that some magical force is out there watching your child for you. Because let me tell you something straight from the heart of a mother bear, no matter what you think, no matter how much pride you have, no matter what scientific theories you believe,  the very first time you have to drop your kid off and drive away believe me you are going to be praying. You may not know to who or what you’re praying to yet, but you will be praying. You’ll drive away with panic deep in your chest and then get a flash image of your babies’ perfect little sleeping face and you’ll say “oh please, God keep them safe until I get them back”.  Your breath will stop every time you hear the radio or TV say the words “Breaking News” and the first thought in your head is “please, God don’t let there be another school shooting”. because this is reality and this is the type of world we live in.

Being a parent is an unexplainable heart-filling gift but it comes with a heavy, heavy worry. I have no doubt that most teachers would lay their life down to protect their students, but there is only so much a human can do. I know that I can’t be there to protect her for those 8 hours. I know that I can’t spend my life outside the school making sure no crazies get in there (trust me I would if they would let me). And since I know all of this I also know that the only thing I can do to help keep her safe is pray. And as silly and unscientifically supported as it seems, I will have faith that my prayers hold real power.  They have to.

When we were kids our parents biggest worry was whether or not we were coming home with a black eye or a note from the principal. We live in a time where we have to worry if our kids will even come home from school alive. So I may sound silly, and you can laugh all you want, but when I drop my kid off I’m going to be praying, and I’m going to believe that God is listening.