whiskey and jesus

by unstoppablesomebody



I was born with a wild and rebellious spirit.  This is the way God made me and he doesn’t make mistakes.  I like my whiskey straight up and my Rock N Roll too loud. Everything I do; I do to excess. I cuss like a sailor, drive too fast, drink too much and feel too much. sometimes I smoke and sometimes I don’t. I greet this world with wide open arms and I want to experience it all. There is nothing that I wanted to do that I haven’t done. I am loving and trusting.   I am not very forgiving and I don’t have to be. I will hold a grudge until others right their wrong and if you ask me to lie I will grab a megaphone.  If you use my weakness against me I will turn it into my strength and if you love me with honesty I will hold you up while I sink. I am damaged and unfixable. lets not be confused about who I am. I am a sinner who found peace and redemption in the Lord. I will never be perfect. I will never be Holy. I will never be shoved into a perfect little box. I am wild and rebellious in nature. This is the way God made me and he doesn’t make mistakes.